The VirtacoinPlus mining pool is now live at :


Announcement on the procedure to get verified and swap your VIRTACOIN (VTA) to VIRTACOINPLUS (XVP). We wish to announce to you the procedure to get verified and swap your VIRTACOIN (VTA) to VIRTACOINPLUS (XVP). Kindly visit the link below and if you still have any question on how to follow the process please go to facebook help line and you will be guided or bitcoin talk forum and reddit forum. We will commence verification from date given 15th/03/2017 to maximum date 25th/03/2017. We wish to announce, any one that is not able to get his account swapped by the end of this last day 25th/03/2017, that account or VTA is lost forever and is not recoverable. The unswapped XVP VIRTACOINPLUS will be move to agreed account, agreed by  them by the end of 25th/03/2015. We, the team will do all that is possible to work fast on all your accounts to get them verified but we will advise you to co-oporate with the team. Follow this link and get step by step instructions on how to get your account verified and swap and get XVP VIRTACOINPLUS to your XVP wallet without any problem. NOTE: this part is for only the people that have completely transferred all (VTA) VIRTACOIN fund to account. Follow this link and get step by step on how to transfer all your (VTA) VIRTACOIN to account to enable you qualify to be verified: NOTE:this part is for only the people that have not yet completely transferred all (VTA) VIRTACOIN fund to http://vtawallet.virtacoinworld.com

Oour requirements are thus: 1. you must belong to one of our forums if you have less 10 Million VIRTACOIN VTA and if you have more than 11 million of VTA you must belong to 2 forums or more. 2. Below are the list if our forums 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.



First you need to test our fastest wallet in the world with about 10VTA and you will see that our wallet receives funds in seconds. Block working or not working is not for the wallet, mining or not mining is not for the wallet. Your fund gets to destination in seconds. After you have done this you will need to move your entire fund to the wallet by the time swap process commence. Go to create your account, fund your account with just 10 VTA to be sure your account receive funds, now when we commence swap, you will need to move all funds to that of your account, we will give you API key after your verification of your account to make your transfer of fund to account that will be used to make the swap. The API key will be used to make transfer on this page: Your API key must not be seen by anyone. Anyone that has access to your API key will have access to move your fund out. Please note: after the swap we will delete all users account and install a new wallet of XVP coin on this wallet. We will not keep any info on this wallet server after the swap process is over.

To swap from Novaexchange – just send your funds to and fill the verifications

To swap from send your funds till March 21 to and fill verifications, but wait until is open for withdrawals

To swap from C-cex – we are waiting for a response from them,but we require that every person can withdraw funds to and after verifications can receive his funds by private key


We are currently converting our site to VirtaCoin-plus (XVP).
Please make sure to transfer your current Virtacoin Balance to
a wallet at VirtacoinWorld before 21 March 2017 to get it ‘swapped’ to XVP.
See for details.


To facilitate the swap fro VTA to XVP all VTA funds will be released into the donating wallets.

The Kivafund will be reinstated after the fund has been fully completed.

Visit the VirtacoinPlus website at for introduction on VirtacoinPlus and download your desktop wallet.

I’m happy to report I expect the online XVP wallet to be available after the weekend. This means will support the XVP wallet as it did the VTA wallet before. However, because XVP addresses are NOT compatible with BTC addresses there can be no replacement for the BTC2VTA feature. But you will be able trade XVP on the online wallet through the bleutrade API. Features like the KivaFund and the FounderFund are expected to be reinstated before April 1. Those of you who are waiting for withdrawal of their VTA to VirtacoinWorld please be patient. I’m processing all of them manually in my spare time so it can take a few days.



Bleutrade Team (Bleutrade)
Mar 7, 10:15 BRT

Hi, it’s great to see this community find solutions for currency correction.
VTA is available for withdraw for all users (
Is XVP ready to be added to exchange?

XVP has been added and trading has now commenced


C-Cex will install wallet on their exchange when swap is completed.


We wish to announce to you that the swap verification team will commence verification on 15/03/2017 Time 10:00 am GMT, this verification will last for only 10days and that will be the end of VTA Virtacoin. Anyone that will not be able to get his or her account verified within these days will lose his entire VTA to XVP fund because we will not be able to work or verify any account after these days. All unverified remaining XVP VirtacoinPlus fund, will be decided by the team based on, ongoing poll at bitcointalk on what to do with it. The virtacoin wallet system we are using to do all our verification at will no longer be available for VTA deposit after 25th/03/2017 but we will completely delete all users account and move forward to host VirtacoinPlus XVP server on the same platform. So, anyone depositing VTA virtacoin or asking how I can swap VTA virtacoin to XVP VirtacoinPlus, after 25th/03/2015, or in any way sent email asking any questions to this regard, can only be directed to this post of this day. We will help anyone that have problem getting pin from to enable him move all his VTA Virtacoin fund from our to for verification. We will verify those entire funds you are not able to move as a resort of not able to get pin. But the entire fund on KIVA will not be done on manual process as we are not permitted to process those funds now. Anyone haven fund on KIVA should get advice on what to do from the admin as the verification team have no solution on that.

We will do all that is possible to do all the verifications and swap as agreed by this great community with this ratio 1000VTA to 1 XVP if you are within the limit and excess within teams limits. If you are sure you have completely transfer all your VTA VIRTACOIN to one account at and you are set for verification, kindly send email to the team, stating I am set for the verification on this email:



Hi, Thanks for all this information! VirtacoinPlus is now successfully added to Novaexchange Regards Novaexchange Administrator Team